How Cloud Computing Benefits You

The new age of computer technology has had many innovations but none of which as disruptive and industry changing as cloud computing. This new step on the path of computer efficiency has equipped businesses with a new lens which they view their IT hardware and software requirements. Through media coverage and corporate advertisements much of the country is familiar with the idea of this mysterious cloud, but many still do not know what the benefits are of its use.

The encompassing idea for cloud computing can be simplified down to the one word of efficiency. This efficiency focuses in the use of resources to reduce costs; allowing for innovation, increase of speed and scalability, and conveniently allow for optimal resource utilization. All of which listed allow for businesses to create their own economies of scale and operate on a horizontal level. With the use of cloud resources these economies of scale can be created within any industry or business. Also, the size of a cooperation or its capacity requirements pose no issue for cloud computing, as there are essentially no bounds to how much information a cloud can secure.

Cloud Benefits:

Convenience / Location Independence: Often the most widely known benefit of cloud computing remains in it’s ability to allow users to access server data, software, and network equipment wherever they are located worldwide. Provided they have internet access, this flexibility furthermore allows for operations to extend into the field beyond the reaches of traditional technologies.

Speed: Cloud computing increases speed in nearly all facets of business. With this technology companies are no longer impeded by the setting up of hardware and software, nor are teams of workers delayed in collaboration when located in difference geographic locations.

Resource Utilization: Businesses are able to increase or decrease their usage of services on the cloud as their individual markets fluctuate in demand. This flexibility allows for users to not be bound by hardware constraints, and furthermore encourages operating at higher levels of production.

Decreased Costs: The most important benefit of cloud computing, which all others can be directly linked to are it’s ability to save companies large sums of money. The elimination of stand-alone servers and software allows for the redistribution of financial resources to other margin increasing activities. Also being these services are offered on a pay-per-consumption basis, businesses don’t pay for capacity which they don’t need. Also, the ability to have all data located together allows mangers the ability to better monitor all activity and budget accordingly.

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